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Diamond Tote Basket Bag - Two Sizes | Navy

Diamond Tote Basket Bag - Two Sizes | Navy

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There is only one large size of this basket bag available. Please note that it’s been greatly discounted because the pulley feature inside the bag does not pull closed. 

Picture yourself strolling along the sun-kissed shores, with waves lapping at your feet, and our artisan-crafted beach bag swinging effortlessly by your side. Each bag is meticulously handwoven with love and care, using premium raffia fibers and supple leather accents, making every piece a unique statement of your vibrant personality.

But wait, there’s more! Our beach bags aren’t just fashion statements; they’re functional masterpieces too. With a spacious compartment and durable construction, they effortlessly accommodate all your beach essentials – from sunscreen and sunglasses to towels and snacks – ensuring you’re always prepared for endless hours of seaside fun. 

Available in a medium or large size, measurements below. 

The details 

Handwoven with sustainable sisal and with woven palm panels inside. Each size has a drawstring closure and leather handles which fit over the shoulder. They also have an inside pocket.

Approximate size:

Medium = length 35cm x width 18cm x height 29cm

Large = length 42cm x width 20cm x height 34cm

Please note all our products are handmade so each one will vary slightly – in size and colour – making them chic and unique!





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